APS Bridge Program

Inclusive Admissions Practices

Casey Miller
Associate Professor and Director of the Materials Science and Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology (Co-PI)

Julie Posselt
Assistant Professor of Education, University of Southern California (Co-PI)


Holistic Admissions Workshops

Over the course of the project, Co-PIs Miller and Posselt have facilitated one-day workshops on holistic admissions for the admissions committees of each of our six partner programs. Our partner programs serve as a testbed for faculty professional development as a scalable strategy to increase admission of women and UERM students. Each of these programs receive hundreds of applications per year and are highly selective, with admission offers made to less than 25% of applicants on average. This application volume gives us the ability to test our intervention in programs where impact is likely to be measurable. Further, these programs are highly regarded, and successes with them should serve as beacons for change in the field.

The holistic admissions workshop has three broad aims:

  1. Raise awareness of barriers to access and inclusion presented by common admissions practices,
  2. Facilitate self-study of current admissions routines, and
  3. Develop plans to implement more inclusive admissions practices.

For more information about the discussion topics within the workshops, download the sample abstract below:

Admission Workshop Abstracts format_pdf

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