APS Bridge Program

National Network

Monica Plisch
Director of Education and Diversity, APS (Principal Investigator)

Geraldine Cochran
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers University (Co-PI)

Theodore Hodapp
APS Director of Project Development and Senior Advisor to the Department of Education and Diversity, APS (Co-PI)



The design of this project is predicated on the potential for making collective impact on complex problems through continuous, open dialogue among individuals and groups with diverse expertise. APS encourages communication among key stakeholders by convening regular meetings of graduate program leaders, project advisors, researchers, and others to share program-level data, efforts, challenges, and results, and to develop new practices that can be tested.

For this pilot project, APS will facilitate annual face-to- face meetings of all project members. In addition, subgroups focused on specific tasks will meet by videoconference.

The national network has the following three aims:

  1. facilitate learning and exchange of information,
  2. develop a shared understanding of the problem and possible solutions, and
  3. engage partners in collective action toward achieving the project goal.

As the backbone of the national network, APS will convene project partners, develop agendas in consultation with partners, and coordinate and document activities and resources.

For a list of Participating Institutions and Project Partners, please visit the People page.

Annual Project Meeting

National Network Annual Project Meeting group

The IGEN project team held its first meeting at the American Center for Physics on February 12-13, 2017. The meeting served as a forum for graduate programs to share practices and program data to learn from each other. In addition, project meetings will provide a venue for professional society partners to articulate needs of the communities they represent and offer resources, and for researchers to share results and define future directions of inquiry based on community challenges.