APS Bridge Program

Webinars and Workshops


The IGEN project has hosted several webinars in order to provide useful tips and other information for students who are considering applying to graduate programs in physics.

Physics Graduate School: Tips for Applying
November 18, 2016

The first Grad School Admissions webinar occured in the Fall of 2016. This interactive webinar explained the application review process, provided strategies for submitting successful applications, and clarified the financial aspects of applying for and enrolling in graduate school. Substantial time was allotted for a question and answer period, and the types of questions students asked were collected to help inform future webinars.

Applying to Physics Graduate Programs: Your Questions Answered
November 16, 2017

This companion webinar occured in the Fall of 2017. Per requests from student participants in the previous webinar, this webinar was designed to allow more time for question and answer with the webinar hosts. Students were encouraged to view presentation information from the previous webinar, prior to attending this webinar.


On Saturday, March 17, 2018, in conjunction with the IGEN pilot project, the University of Southern California, hosted a Holistic Review Institute.